Raw Croutons – Almond flour Left-over from making raw nut milk
zest a garlic clove on the almond flour and mix. Pour 2.5 tbsp of tamari and mix again. spread onto a teflexsheet and form a square with a spatula. With the back of a knife, draw some squares and dehydrate for 6 hours: 3hours on one side, flip, 3 hours on the other side. Enjoy!
Tips and Thoughts
Almond Flour from making almond milk
2.5 tbsp tamari
1 garlic clove
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Hi Audrey, I just made your cheese recipe and am looking forward to tasting it! Did I do something wrong because mine is not the consistency that yours appears to be? Will it firm up over time or in the refrigerator?
it's not super easy to clean, you need to allow 5 minutes to clean it. I also have a hurom and it's much quicker!
Thank you Lenore! Matt is now back and is a new man! it's all forgotten! :-)
:lol: Hello Audrey, Unfortunately we don't get many of the ingredients you mention in your newsletter like Reishi mushrooms. However, the rest of the foodies you mention are available and sound rather yummy, specially the garlic and lemon juice. I hope Matt is well on the way to recovery and wish you both everything of the best for 2015. Best wishes Lenore I
  Willow Alber
Your remedy seems amazing, but of course prevention is the way to go. My naturopath is in his early 60s and has never had a cold, flu, or been to a doctor in his adult life. I decided some time ago that whatever he was selling, I wanted some! I put my health in his hands 2 years ago and am now 72 going on 30.