Raw Croutons – Almond flour Left-over from making raw nut milk
zest a garlic clove on the almond flour and mix. Pour 2.5 tbsp of tamari and mix again. spread onto a teflexsheet and form a square with a spatula. With the back of a knife, draw some squares and dehydrate for 6 hours: 3hours on one side, flip, 3 hours on the other side. Enjoy!
Tips and Thoughts
Almond Flour from making almond milk
2.5 tbsp tamari
1 garlic clove
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  Alice Jordan
I agree that making juice is easy! However, cleaning my juicer is not. Perhaps it's time for a new juicer. I only make enough juice for one person. I'd rather spend less time cleaning the juicer than cleaning and juicing the ingredients. How easy is it to clean the Green Star Juicer?
HI Debra, there are 50 recipes and way more than 5 pages. You need to save the PDF first before printing it, that should work
Is there a substitute for Braggs, tamari? I'm very intolerant to soy.
Hi Carina, thanks so much and well done on the juicing! It's true that when you have a lot of fruit around you it's hard to say no and stick to the green veggies but it's good to do even 1 day or so per week or even per month. Thanks so much for you kind words. If you send me an email, i can try to send you another link for the free ebook! Love -Audrey
In Miami! I shall get you the link!