Raw Croutons – Almond flour Left-over from making raw nut milk
zest a garlic clove on the almond flour and mix. Pour 2.5 tbsp of tamari and mix again. spread onto a teflexsheet and form a square with a spatula. With the back of a knife, draw some squares and dehydrate for 6 hours: 3hours on one side, flip, 3 hours on the other side. Enjoy!
Tips and Thoughts
Almond Flour from making almond milk
2.5 tbsp tamari
1 garlic clove
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Is there a substitute for Braggs, tamari? I'm very intolerant to soy.
Hi Carina, thanks so much and well done on the juicing! It's true that when you have a lot of fruit around you it's hard to say no and stick to the green veggies but it's good to do even 1 day or so per week or even per month. Thanks so much for you kind words. If you send me an email, i can try to send you another link for the free ebook! Love -Audrey
In Miami! I shall get you the link!
Vikki, I use the whole Celery which is between 6-9 stalks. For the fennel, right now i only get the fennel bulb but if i had the leaves I would juice them as well! xxx
  Barbara Lockwood
Love your letters want your blog!! Thanks Barbara