Audrey & Matt 1

Hi! We are Audrey and Matt!

We are Raw Food chefs and I (Audrey) am also a nutritionist.

We started our journey into Raw Food in 2008, so quite a long time ago. We went from a 3 week raw food challenge, to a hard core raw food lifestyle, fervent believers of green juice and fasting, keen about the Hippocrates institute hollistic center/clinic, we even stretched to mono meals and fruitarianism for a week (but that didn’t go down well with us). So we’ve experienced a wide spectrum of raw food styles throughout our journey, in the quest of finding our own.

Although we firmly believe the Raw Food diet is a great detox diet, we have gradually relaxed our everyday diet by introducing some cooked food and I must say, we feel somehow happier.

It surely does make it easier to socialise and cooked food definitely does taste good after all! So in short, we think it’s important to do and eat whatever makes us happy, as our state of mind and being has a great influence on our health as well!

Without further ado, I would encourage you to flick through all of our great recipes, as we are still eating a big portions of raw foods, you will definitely find some gems in there!

In Joy!

Audrey & Matt