4-5 celery stalks
1.5 cup of water
5-6 cashews
1/2 ts of garlic powder or 1 zested garlic clove
Bunch of parsley
Pinch of salt to taste


Wash and chop the celery stalks roughly and chuck them in your blender. add a handful of cashews, a bunch of parsley (handful) and zest a garlic clove (or you can use 1/2ts of garlic powder as well). Add a pinch of salt and some water and blend in a high speed blender preferably. Once blended, chill in the fridge until serving. Enjoy!

  • Elaine Rice-Fells

    Thanks Audry. You couldn’t have been more on time. I couldn’t remember how I’d made celery soup last summer, if I used nuts, seeds or avocado to cream it. Also, fresh lime juice, cilantro and caynne took it up another knotch. Thanks again.

    • Audrey

      ahaha! Thanks Elaine! I’m glad to help!

  • Catherine Newcombe

    Is it then a dip or a spread ? What do you serve it with ?

    • Audrey

      Hi Catherine! This is a soup! 🙂 You serve this as a starter, or it can be your main if you’re not too hungry!

  • Catherine Newcombe

    Is this a dip for crackers ? What do you serve it with ?

    • Audrey

      Hi catherine! This is a soup! 🙂 you serve this chill! It’s so yummy!



  • I love this recipe thanks for sharing

    • Audrey

      Me too!!! Thank you Angie!

  • What do you mean by “zest” of a garlic? a peeled clove? Looks yummy! Like Catherine, I couldn’t tell if this was a dip or a soup, glad I read the comments to find it was a soup! Would you consider adding “Soup” to its name? I’m pinning it – we’re in a heat wave right now in San Diego, and this will be perfect for supper!