How Matt Cured his Flu…

By Audrey January 25, 2015 3 Comments

Just like every week end, this week end was supposed to be social, active and fun. Cherry on top, the weather was supposed to be cold and sunny, perfect winter days. Friday Morning, Matt wasn’t feeling well and stayed in bed, hopeful that he would get better with a day of rest. But he got worse by the hours. Fever, chills, loss of appetite, muscle pain. It was the flu.


So what do you do when you get sick with the flu? You’re supposed to take “Cold and Flu” pills, paracetamol to lower the temperature, maybe some antibiotics…? That’s not what we did.

Here is how we treated Matt:

Lots of hydration.
It is important to hydrate yourself when you have fever as this contributes to loss of moisture. You may not be thirsty but you HAVE to drink water, even more than when you’re not sick. Matt was on a 2 litres of water a day protocol.

Drink herbal teas.
What kind? We got some herbs from the Bahamas (shortleaf Fig, neem, Rock bush, cat nip) a month ago when we were there and that helped a lot. We also have other herbs like Olive leaf, cats claw, chamomile, fresh mint, dandelion roots, lemon juice with warm water, etc… Any teas that makes you feel good will do that trick. Drinking hot/warm water is comforting and always help in the recovery.

Reishi mushrooms concoctions.
We always had some Reishi mushrooms simmering in the kitchen. This is a medicinal mushroom with incredible healing power: bacteria inhibitant, anti-oxidant, pain reliever, anti-inflamatory… we have a bunch of dehydrated reishi mushroom at home, just in case.

Oregano oil.
This is a proven oil that acts as an antibiotic. It is efficient killing parasites and infections, and alleviate sinus and colds. You can take it orally or inhale from a hot bowl of water.

Essential oils and Inhalations.
Inhale a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus and oregano oils.

Do not eat sugar or yeast, the bacteria feeds from both of these foods so the more you will eat them, the stronger the bacteria. Your choice!

Appel Cider Vinegar (ACV)
Dilute 1 table spoon of ACV in 10cl of water and drink avery 3 to 4 hours! It alkalinises the body: an alkaline environment is unfriendly environment for the virus!

Vitamins: C and D
Why are we never sick in summer? We have plenty of Vitamin D! Something that all of us lack during the winter months. And we will all agree on the vitamin C benefits here. Both of these vitamins have to be in your remedy box, but on a daily basis as well, even if you’re not sick!

Of course, yo’re not hungry when you’re sick but some juice is nice to have: green of course. We also like to do a shot of lemon and garlic juice when things are really unpleasant. Although, one must be careful when you have too much fever as garlic is supposed to heat up the body, that may not be a good idea.

That got me busy throughout the week end! But Matt got better within 48 hours while I know some people with the flu got stuck in bed for almost a week!

Stick to mother nature while you can, she takes good care of us!

In Joy!


  • Willow Alber

    Your remedy seems amazing, but of course prevention is the way to go. My naturopath is in his early 60s and has never had a cold, flu, or been to a doctor in his adult life. I decided some time ago that whatever he was selling, I wanted some! I put my health in his hands 2 years ago and am now 72 going on 30.

  • Lenore

    😆 Hello Audrey, Unfortunately we don’t get many of the ingredients you mention in your newsletter like Reishi mushrooms. However, the rest of the foodies you mention are available and sound rather yummy, specially the garlic and lemon juice. I hope Matt is well on the way to recovery and wish you both everything of the best for 2015. Best wishes Lenore

    • Audrey

      Thank you Lenore! Matt is now back and is a new man! it’s all forgotten! 🙂