Raw Pizza – I am a Ninja (twice!)



The recipe is available here: >> Click here for My Pizza Recipe! <<
I just changed the toppings: Tomato sauce and cheese are the same, I just added marinated mushrooms (shitake) and onions. The whole thing dehydrated for 5 hours.


Tips and Thoughts

By: Audrey

YUMMmmmmm!!! This pizza is a real Beauty! And guess what: it tastes as good as it looks!!!
I’m blessed today with this dish and I want you to do the same at home!

  • shirley

    Oh, my!
    Am i going to be able to do RAW this time—– 😛 YES, thank you.

    • Audrey

      You’re welcome!

  • Sue

    Hi Audrey. Unfortunately, it is not possible to click on the link for the pizza recipe. Would you be able to send it to my email direct?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Teresa Shah

    Can t access the pizza recipe nor the Christmas ones

  • Judy

    Hello! I’m very interested in trying this recipe; however, the “click here” links for the ingredients do not work. Help please!

  • Jyden

    The “Click Here” for this recipe doesn’t work. Please make it “clickable”.

    • Audrey

      I am trying to sort this out! Sorry! Alternatively, please type pizza in the search box and you will be able to find it!

  • Joe

    Followed your direction to use the search box and all it did was send me back to this page.