Salted Activated Nuts


More Yummy, more crunchy and better for your health than just nuts!


Nuts of your choice

Water Himalayan Salt


Put your nuts (blend of nuts or not) in a bowl and fill with clean water. The nuts should be completely covered by the water. Let it set for 10-12 hours (overnight). Change the water every 6-7 hours. If you are in a rush, you can do this for a minimum of 2 hours. Once soaked, rince the nuts thoroughly and put them in a clean cowl. Sprinkle some himalayan salt over. I generally use 1.5 table spoons of salt for 250gr of nuts. Bear in mind some salt will drop off on the way. Mix the salt with your hands so all the nuts get a bit of it. Then spread the nuts on a teflex sheet and put them in the dehydrator. let them dehydrate at around 47degres for another 12 hours. It sounds a long time but if you soak your nuts before you go to bed and put them in the dehydrator before going to work, you will be able to eat them all when you come back in the evening! 🙂

Tips and Thoughts

By: Audrey

It is important to “activate” your nuts! As much as this can sound funny, it is worth doing and this recipe below will show you how. But what does this mean exactly? Nuts and seeds have an enzyme inhibitor that breaks down only when in contact with water. Isn’t it amazing?! The reason why they have this enzyme inhibitor is because they have the potential to grow a plant, and therefore, their enzyme inhibitor is preserving the nut and the seed from sprouting until they’re in the best environment to do so, i.e. contact with water for example when it rains, or someone is watering them! Once wet, the enzyme inhibitor disappears and they start to sprout and give life! Piece of news: the enzyme inhibitor is very difficult to digest. So we are all the better getting rid of this enzyme inhibitor and activate our nuts! Nuts and seeds actually taste way better when they are activated! they are crunchier, lighter and tastier.

Recipe Photos